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Tarot Oracle

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The application contains full deck of Tarot, 78 cards. You ask question - and as the answer you get a cards spread that you can read at once. This is a hand-held, personal oracle which can answer your question at any moment and give you the right advice.We were able to transfer all the augural potential of the material, "paper" Tarot deck, and the software handling the cards has the features of a good fortune-teller.
The card descriptions, contained here, are also a good, original and modern handbook of Tarot. Using the application you can learn the meanings of the cards and their relations with life on your own.
The cards were drawn by Robert Majewski. They refer to the classic Tarot of Marseilles and avoid the eccentricities happening in case of newly designed decks.
The texts for the cards were written by Wojciech Jóźwiak, a well-known Polish astrologer, Tarot specialist and researcher of arcane knowledge. The descriptions of the cards are conceived in such a way to serve as concrete practical advice in everyday situations and help to make a decision.
Tarot cards will answer your every question!
Your path will be easier with them!
© MedApp Sp. z o.o., text Wojciech Jóźwiak & images Robert Majewski